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Dr. Farouk working with medals in background

About Dr. Farouk Elkassed

Dr. Farouk is an ultramarathon runner (any distance beyond a marathon). To this day, he has completed over 250 races, ranging in distance from a marathon, all the way to 100 miles.

He has managed to put many injured runners back on the trail in a matter of a very short time.

Dr. Farouk’s care and constant dedication to excellent treatment has changed many people’s lives. He can change yours, too.

Experience & Credentials

Dr. Farouk Elkassed has been a clinician since 1986. He completed his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in May of 2008.

He has been a clinical instructor for over 30 years. He has worked with the Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) PTA program as well as Howard University Doctorate Program in Physical Therapy. He is a guest lecturer at NVCC Physical Therapy Assistant Program, assisting with teaching the soft tissue mobilization and myofacial release course.

His Patients Receive

- One hour comprehensive evaluation

- Thirty minutes of hands-on treatment on subsequent visits

- Consistent treatment, due to Dr. Farouk being a solo practitioner